Wednesday, 11 January 2017



Topshop sleeve top

Versace Bag

Bondi Sands

La Roche Posay

Morphe Brushes

Payday cannot come quick enough this month, aside from booking a very exciting holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia, there is a quite a few things still on my wishlist - fashion and beauty wise. As there is so many I thought I'd share a couple of my ABSOLUTE faves.

Inspired by the gorgeous Lydia Millen who is probably my favourite blogger at the moment, is the By Terry Cellularose CC Brightening Lumi Serum in the shade Sunnyflash. If you read her blog or watch her videos you should know that she swears by this product. Her skin always looks so glowing and bronzed, she uses this on a daily basis as part of her skincare routine. For a scary £61, this may stay on my wishlist for a while however I'm so temped to splash out - even though my boyf would probably have a heart attack at the thought. 

I've wanted a pair of Adidas Originals for the longest time but seeing as I'm super indecisive could never decide on the colour I wanted. The black and white ones are the shoes I've decided I NEED. I've got a million outfit ideas on how I'd style these and seeing as they've dropped in price makes me so much more eager to pop them in my ASOS basket.

Another influence from Lydia is designer bags, I don't own any as I wouldn't be able to keep them in good condition for shizz. However, I really need a small bag that I can take everywhere as I never need much with me. This Versace Jeans round cross body bag would be perfect and something very different for me. I adore the flashy gold detailing which is innate for Versace. Yet for a decent price of £105, which is not bad for a designer bag - again, makes me tempted. Despite the fears I would still scuff it or spill something on it. It would be worth it to pair this with some ripped jeans and a pain tee, with the Adidas shoes too.



  1. I love that jacket! x

    mia //

    1. gorgeous isn't it! been wanting a puffa jacket for ages x