Sunday, 2 April 2017


Shirts are a huge SS17 trend and despite never being a big shirt wearer, except my 'indie shirt' days, this was a trend I didn't think would work with my style. Although, I found this simple navy denim and cream stripped one in H&M for around £15. Adding my distressed Levi's denim jacket dresses it down to a way more relaxed look. Paired with my new Superdry Sophia skinny jeans and my trusty reeboks made this a simple but great weekend outfit, perfect was a chilled walk in the forest or going out for brunch. 

DENIM JACKET - LEVIS - bought through Depop
SHOES - REEBOK (similar)


Sunday, 19 March 2017


By ellie-pinder on

Very long time, no post. Since I've taken on a full time position at my job the blogging aspect has lacked terribly. I've felt uninspired and didn't feel like creating any content that felt forced. I am drafting new ideas and fresh outfits perfect for Spring/Summer.
This Polyvore collection is a few items I've spied whilst scrolling through ASOS. All very SS17 appropriate and features some of my favourite currents trends.

- Ellie -


Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Last week I drove all the way into work and annoyingly arrived 2 and a half hours early, I got the shifts mixed up. However, this meant I had some time to kill in town and what better way to do so then to spend 40 minutes in one of my favourites stores, Lush. I ended up picking up some amazing new hair products (review to come later), something special from the new Valentine's Day range and a new cleanser, Aqua Marina

Now, I haven't used many cleansers before especially nothing like Aqua Marina. This is one of Lush's most popular skincare products and it's easy to see why. This seaweed and calamine face and body cleanser really makes you skin feel fresh and beautiful as well as having many beneficial factors too. 

This was recommended to me as more of a morning cleanser because of how it helps unclog pores of any left over makeup, that may not have come off properly the night before and cleanse the skin of any grime and excess oils. This cleanser is amazing for those who have oily skin, like myself. As it creates a clear complexion by extracting these excess oils. 

"We use kaolin and calamine to absorb oil and cleanse the skin, and aloe vera to restore moisture". 

At first the seaweed or Irish Moss gel, freaked me out a little bit but this actually has restorative minerals and vitamins - so helps keep this product and you skin even fresher. One thing I did struggle with at first is figuring out how much I needed to use. You only need a small piece to massage it in you hands and watch as it turns into a paste. I found it a little hard to apply as some chucks would stick to areas of my face but you really have to work it in to form a lather. I then massaged it into my skin and rinsed off. 

This cleanser is so good for reducing redness and soothing any breakouts. This is also suppose to help mattify you skin as well - so another great factor for anyone with oily skin or even just an oily t-zone. This cleanser is so refreshing and effective. My skin feels so smooth and the tiniest bit of products goes along way. So for the price of £7.25 for the 100g tub, I think is really good and affordable. The 250g one is £18.10, so if you're looking to try it out I'd recommend going for the smaller one or asking for a sample. Definitely worth giving this a whirl for anyone with spot-prone skin, redness, oily skin or anyone who wants super smooth complexion. And of course this product is 100% cruelty free and Vegan!

Have you tried any Aqua Marina or any other Lush skincare products? If so leave any feedback or recommendations for new things for me to try out.


Tuesday, 31 January 2017


This post has been a long time coming as this fleece has probably been my most worn items of clothing since I got my hands on it. The fact I haven't photographed it for an outfit post is pretty unbelievable, nevertheless, here it it. 
The fleece itself is by Tommy Hilfiger and bought through the wonderful Depop, then through my friend and I'm still so in love. I've styled it here really simply by pairing it with my H&M mom jeans and a trusty pair of converse,  you can't really go wrong. I love it's oversized, baggy, boyfriend style fit. It's also obviously extremely comfortable, warm and goes so well with many of my looks. Adding baggy jeans really gives off the ultimate chilled vibe, but paired with black skinny jeans also looks great. Can be chucked over anything and perfect for layering eg. with my levi's distressed denim jacket. Overall 10/10 and probably the best £20 I've ever spent. Yes, £20!


Wednesday, 25 January 2017


 The Topshop beauty range is something I've raved about on here before, I featured their powder highlighter in my '2016 Beauty Favourites' post recently. Topshop lipsticks are equally as brilliant and if you haven't picked one up yet then you really must. Can you imagine my excitement when I popped into Topshop the other day to find a selection of their makeup products were on sale for £1?! Naturally I had to pick up 5 lipsticks and I can't wait to wear them all.

 I'm so glad there was a good selection of shades, it also meant I could pick up some colours that I normally wouldn't reach for but I can't wait to try them out with different looks. The colours I bought were; Black Widow, Sweet Orchid, Champion, Brighton Rock and Muse. Topshop lipsticks are such good quality even for the original price of £8. Despite these being 'matte' lipsticks, they are really creamy and don't dry your lips out at all. However, this does mean they're not super matte but their longevity is great and I will usually pop some powder over the top to make them more matte anyway.

  • BLACK WIDOW: A dark berry shade, comes out more purple than red. I haven't tried this properly yet but I can imagine with a simple eye look this vampy shade would look gorgeous.

  •  CHAMPION: I wore this in my last outfit post and I'm obsessed! I needed a new classic red lipstick and for a pound this is really a big win. This is a true bright red shade and looks amazing. This is probably the shade I will reach for most out of these, the quality is so good and finish of this lipstick is beautiful.

  • SWEET ORCHID: The second purple shade of this haul, and the most unique too. This is such a pretty lilac colour. I tried this on and I really like it, not an everyday shade but, I think with the right outfit this lip could be worn and look really cool.

  •  MUSE: Another darker shade that I felt I needed in my life, this is a simple brown shade, however I've tried this on and it's not my favourite. Whether it is my skin tone or was the application, this didn't really suit me. But, with a good brown lip pencil I think I can possibly make it work. I would probably need a proper matte texture to pull of the 90's brown lip, and this one is just too glossy. 


  • BRIGHTON ROCK: This lipstick has been raved about before from other bloggers so obviously I needed to give this a whirl when I saw it was on sale. I usually don't reach for pink lipsticks but this colour is so gorgeous and surprisingly suited me. It's a mid-tone pink but I think this would look good on so many skin colours. I'm really pleasantly surprised and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this, especially in the spring/summer. It's also one of those shades that isn't too bright that you need a lip liner to pull it off- which I'm all for. 

Have you tried any Topshop makeup? If so, what should I buy next?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017



Topshop sleeve top

Versace Bag

Bondi Sands

La Roche Posay

Morphe Brushes

Payday cannot come quick enough this month, aside from booking a very exciting holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia, there is a quite a few things still on my wishlist - fashion and beauty wise. As there is so many I thought I'd share a couple of my ABSOLUTE faves.

Inspired by the gorgeous Lydia Millen who is probably my favourite blogger at the moment, is the By Terry Cellularose CC Brightening Lumi Serum in the shade Sunnyflash. If you read her blog or watch her videos you should know that she swears by this product. Her skin always looks so glowing and bronzed, she uses this on a daily basis as part of her skincare routine. For a scary £61, this may stay on my wishlist for a while however I'm so temped to splash out - even though my boyf would probably have a heart attack at the thought. 

I've wanted a pair of Adidas Originals for the longest time but seeing as I'm super indecisive could never decide on the colour I wanted. The black and white ones are the shoes I've decided I NEED. I've got a million outfit ideas on how I'd style these and seeing as they've dropped in price makes me so much more eager to pop them in my ASOS basket.

Another influence from Lydia is designer bags, I don't own any as I wouldn't be able to keep them in good condition for shizz. However, I really need a small bag that I can take everywhere as I never need much with me. This Versace Jeans round cross body bag would be perfect and something very different for me. I adore the flashy gold detailing which is innate for Versace. Yet for a decent price of £105, which is not bad for a designer bag - again, makes me tempted. Despite the fears I would still scuff it or spill something on it. It would be worth it to pair this with some ripped jeans and a pain tee, with the Adidas shoes too.